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Still life

Some recent mannequins… the first and third were side by side in a dealer’s pen in an antiques mall in Coxsackie. It was such an odd assortment, incongruities caroming from object to object. Treacly, homespun tchotchkes mixed with genuine posessions, weathered with age and use, saturated with soggy history. In the middle, cast adrift, two buoys in the Sea of Pizazz, one in the pale, empurpled waves of the 70’s, the other in the sharper currents of the 80’s. But then you notice the clerical sash. And the Grand Ole Opry hat… like I said… caroming incongruities. The second one is installed in a window on Jay Street in Schenectady. The last one haughtily surveys a corner of an antique shop in Burlington, New Jersey.

Additional Inquiries

…and, after several additional inquiries, Officer Welch and I returned to the Magic Garden and questioned Rainbow, princess of the Super-Fairies again. She remained a tight-lipped and difficult witness, repeatedly insisting her glitter wand was ornamental and had no magic properties. (or, holy moly – I really dig my new macro SLR lens…)

Vroom, vroom, ratatat-tat!!!

Some up-close 35mm shots I took recently of some miniature plane dioramas at the The Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Schenectady, New York. I love how painterly and gently surreal they appear. Larger versions here, and here. (And a heartfelt huzzah to the museum itself, a true labor of love that overcomes modest resources to create a genuinely engaging experience.)

In White…

A quick, sketchy thing, based on an old Helena Rubenstein ad, painted in gouache, on 100 year old ledger paper from an evening business college that was based in Camden, NJ. (psst… this ditty’s part of the art sale, here.)

The Straight Shave

A preview of a few photographs for my upcoming essay on shaving in issue 7 of Uppercase Magazine. It will be out this fall. They were shot mostly at John the Barbers on Wharton & 13th Street in South Philadelphia. The place is a treasure and a visit a privilege. The article features, along with my observations on the genteel art of shaving, buy vicodin usa walk-ons by Virna Lisi, John Waters, and Robert Goulet, a salute to the Gillette Sensor and Barbasol, praise for the French, a raspberry at ESPN, a brace of fetching pin-ups, and ends where these pictures began, at John the Barbers. Oh, and Uppercase Magazine? Again, with lapel-grabbing enthusiasm, here, and here.