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Dreaming a Beautiful


Master illustrator Frank Frazetta’s stationary design for addlepatted sun children Bo and John Derek’s movie production company, Svengali. I was going to leave the commentary at that, but I was riding my bike this afternoon, and the Walkman offered up Sheena, by Trader Horne, a long forgotten British psych-folk outfit. Hardly a stanza had passed when I realized the song was a tone poem to the idea of Bo Derek. I share it here, below, for your pleasure:

Sheena, Trader Horn:


What might have been…


The great physicist and raconteur Richard Feynman suggested a concept in which the possible past histories of a given event have a real existence. I hope this is so, because that means there is a universe out there where the movie of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle starred Raquel Welch, with a smart and ambitious script by the screenwriters responsible for the French Connection II, with a plot that hued closely to the original 40’s Fiction House comics. Our universe is left with only this tantalizing scrap of unused concept art (which happens to be a top notch example of the gouache comp in its own right.) [larger image]