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Edel Rodriguez

Had the good fortune of attending the reception for Edel Rodriguez’s small, dense, eclectic and impressive show at UArts last week. The exhibit, a retrospective of his work from 1990 from the past 20 years, featured an wide selection of drawings, paintings and posters. The work ranged from editorial work from Time, Newsweek, and the New Yorker to Broadway posters to children’s books and a passel of personal work. The common thread – an exuberant line, broad textured use of color, and wonderfully deft technique.

Cool chap as well, enthusiastic and open… we took to talking about a piece I was quite taken with – a mono-print of a fetching museum guard from a series commissioned by German Playboy. To my delight Edel sent me the balance of the prints, a few which I’ve excerpted above. They’re all great, but the museum guard is the cats pajamas… Enjoy, and if you are in Philly, see the show here: UArts Anderson Hall, Von Hess Gallery, 7th Floor,  333 S. Broad St. It’ll be up till May. More on Edel Rodriguez here, and here.