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Some Literature

Carter Brown? Here, and more here on the blog soon-ish… On Paul Ilton nothing, sadly, but he seems learned and earnest. Not sure the wanton luridness of the cover is what he had in mind. Oh well. The rest are self evident…

His ‘n Hers Set


I’ve had a yen for melodramatic Douglas Sirk-y entertainments of late, so accordingly I just happily burned through Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. Scored a nice, cracked, loose, hardbound reading copy – burgandy cloth, yellowed pages – pleasure to hold, pleasure to read. Gloomy, doomy, weepy, overwrought, etc, etc.. the tops. So last night I’m putting it away on the bookshelf when I notice double paperback versions of Madam Bovary… hurm? Turns out to be a his n’ hers set – bought separately before my wife and I married and nicely reflective of our aesthetic predilections. Also, just cool seeing Emma Bovary rendered in the prevailing sultry graphic modes of the day.