Dear Reader!

Hello reader! Ah, welcome indirect referral. Greetings to those here for the Mucha drawings, or that bat shit-masterpiece of a poem, Cleopatra. Hey, hi to the odd monthly reader of my ode to a tincture of iodine. Looking for Henry Yan – right here. Or was it a watercolor of Terri Nunn?

In any case, a bit of news –we’re molting. Shedding a few layers, slowing things down a bit. After three years of publication the blog is returning to its original, more modest agenda – a place from which to transmit my occasional, but passionate, enthusiasms, and a home for my portfolio of professional and personal can i buy vicodin over the counter artwork.

Time to turn inward, re-calibrate to analog rhythms, to settle back into the longer view. There are projects that need attention, like a book on Ukrainian book design that’s drifting in its fragile, nascent stages. More articles for Uppercase. Books, comics and records to absorb. Mainly, though, to paint, to collage, to make.

Really, it’s mostly a shift in pace, frequency. A true occasional, published as the mood strikes. Which will be often-ish. Please do keep stopping by, and, as always, help yourselves to anything.

(image:  Vija Celmins, Studio)