Ode to Tincture of Iodine


There are few sensations as vivid and satisfying as applying tincture of iodine to a cut, scrape or nick. The dark amber apothecary bottle stands in welcome contrast to most remedies today. There has been no attempt to make its presentation friendly and welcoming, instead it remains a clear and sober statement of purpose.

Its application suggests equal parts magic and science – you extract a thin glass wand, clinking as you draw it past the inside rim of the bottle. Surface tension binds a shimmering, buy vicodin forum clinging slick of the stuff to the wand. It feels nearly alive (a bit like the black oil in the X-Files, actually) as it sloughs off onto your skin. Immediately its penetrating sting blooms in successive waves – it’s palpable efficacy in stark contrast to the crude harsh burn of rubbing alcohol or the clammy glop of Neosporin. The job done, it sets fast its translucent red ochre stain – a signature and endorsement of work done, and done well.