Sculptures by Christyl Boger

[Reposting on the occasion of a recent visit back to the Clay Studio. On my way out I caught sight of a fundraising postcard with an image of Boger’s Girl with Dolphin. Even in reproduction, partially obscured by type, the piece still captivated. Here again, then…]

Swan Float, a sculpture by Christyl Boger was a highlight of a recent show at Philadelphia’s Clay Studio filled with strong work: Of This Century: Residents, Fellows and Select Guest Artists. While not pictured, it was of a piece with the work above – a classically elegant, expressive nude entwined with an inflatable beach toy. I was bowled over by its formal beauty, impressed with the perfection of its craft, and amused by its absurdity. The world is a richer place for art that can, without being glazed in snark, simultaneously recall both Bernini and Jeff Koons.

Girl with Dolphin, 2007, earthenware, glaze
BroodXX, 2005, earthenware, glaze
Float, 2006, earthenware, glaze