Hocus Pocus



It casts a spell…. It is a cliche to claim to be held in thrall by powerful work. I don’t know though… I should really not groove on these paintings by Kristine Moran … they are messy, lurid, and emit a spoiled oily decadence. But yet they mesmerize. Utterly arresting, they are caught in a torrid balance between conjuring a real space and depicting a dervish of psychological http://www.mindanews.com/buy-inderal/ spatter. The thick palpable smear of the brush strokes, the extreme saturation of the colors, the Technocolor palettes… it’s like Douglas Sirk’s head exploded… Research on her older work (which takes a bit of googling) yields paintings and drawings rooted in conceptual architecture and the surreal covers of old sci-fi paperbacks. More of her work here and after the jump.